Can Septic Tanks Cause an Odor in The Home

Septic tanks do smell and that is a clear indication that you have a problem with your system. Septic tanks are designed in such a way that they keep foul odors away from the home. However, there comes a time when these systems can malfunction hence coursing odors. When such a thing takes place, you can be sure that it will be quite unpleasant.

In this article, you will get to understand some of the causes of nasty sewer smells that emanate from the septic system. It will help you to look for the right remedy whenever such a problem arises in your home. Septic tanks smell in one thing that you should never ignore. Whenever such a thing takes place, it is advisable to call a professional with immediate effect.

Full Septic Tank

This is the most common cause of septic tank odor in the home. When the tank is full, you will also hear gurgling sounds that arise from the sink. There will also be a sluggish toilet and the washing machine will run much slower. If you don’t clean your septic tank on time, it can also make your sewage overflow. The solution here is to just empty the tank after every one to two years. However, the schedule depends on the size of the tanks, family size, and the needs of your family. Regular maintenance will make the tank serve you for a longer period before you call for someone to empty it.

Dry Drains

Septic tank drains come with a U-shaped bend in the pipe that is referred to as the trap. It prevents gases from rising up where you do not want them and also holds water. If the drain and water dry up, the odor and the drain will start to travel upwards through the pipe into your home. To solve this, you should pour water down the drains and then clean the pipes. Also, run water through the drains to keep water in the trap. You should also keep the pipes clean through professional plumbing services.

Vent Stack Clog

The vent stack pipe is used to release the gas buildup in the septic system. These gases are sent around the roof so that they won’t affect you. However, if debris falls in it, the pipe can clog and hence not serve its purpose correctly. You need to remove all this debris in order to restore the proper functioning of the vent stack.

Cold Water

For areas with a cold snaps, the weather could be the cause of the septic odor. During extreme ice or cold storms, ice tends to accumulate around the venting zones hence trapping odors inside. It is similar to the clogging that is caused by debris or leaves. Pouring warm water around the pipe will melt the ice hence clearing the smell. You can also insulate the vent pipes to prevent ice clogging.

Defective Seals and Gaskets

If there is a broken or improperly sealed connection around your pipes, it can cause undesirable smells. This problem mainly occurs in the toilet base. If the sewer smell is so strong in the bathroom, just check the toilet wax seal. Gaskets or seals could be rotten or loose especially if your home is old. Once you repair these fixtures, the odor will go away with immediate effect.